Frequently Asked Questions

ANS.Agency is the one-stop solution (a hub) for crypto projects, offering PR, marketing, legal, market-making and exchange listing services with the best terms and customer service on the market. Our mission is to provide projects a secure, fast and easy way to access all the key services, providing valuable advantages and never taking an intermediary fee.

We are happy to help you choose the suitable exchange for your first or additional listing. To come up with a specific offer(s), we will need to know the following information:


1. Your project's website;
2. The ticker and type of the token/coin (ERC20, BEP20, custom blockchain, etc);
3. The approximate date you would like to get listed;
4. Your current budget allocated for the listing.


In case it's not clear, we will also need to know your name and the role in the project for a verification and further introduction purposes.


We do not require any other information or any documents however those might be requested by one of the exchanges we select.

Binance is the top-tier cryptocurrency exchange with the highest reputation. It means the team is considering for the listing only the most promising, interesting, hype projects which they select on their own with appropriate criteria. In other words, nowadays nobody can really help you with the listing on Binance, including ANS.Agency, even if you have an impressive budget.


If you have an innovative product, anchor investors and growing community, the only way to get listed on Binance is to file a listing application and to keep growing. Of course, you can also start your path from the listing on other popular exchanges, increasing your token's liquidity, volume and awareness - this is where ANS.Agency is ready to help, providing a variety of options with the best terms.

Despite ANS.Agency doesn't take any fees, the listing fee will be taken by every centralized exchange without exceptions. We can only provide a discount, which sometimes might be quite significant. So the listing budget is a must if you're seriously planning the listing on CEX.

Unfortunately, all centralized exchanges don't allow to make the full payment with project's native tokens, however there are a few exchanges which do allow to pay some percentage of the listing fee with the tokens. The percentage will depend on the exchange's assessment of the project and will be discussed individually.

In all other cases, exchanges usually accept USDT. It's also possible to pay with BTC, ETH and sometimes via bank transfer.

We are connected with various exchanges and each one has its own packages and terms which must be discussed individually. Plus the market is quite dynamic and the terms may change very often. That's why it's not possible to send all the offers at once. To come up with a specific offer(s), we will need to know at least some basic info about the project and the budget for the listing.

One of our key advantages is that our service is FREE of charge - there is no any hidden intermediary fee. And this is the important principle for the fulfillment of our agency's mission.


The free service includes basic consultation regarding your needs, guidance through the process, warm intros and active support during all the path until your task is done. You will only need to pay the factual service fee after the official contract with selected provider is signed.


Nevertheless, either we have a deal or not, you can say "thank you" for our time and efforts by leaving a small review about your experience on our Trustpilot page:

Our mission is to provide crypto projects a secure and fast access to popular exchanges, offering the best terms on the market. Having a strategic partnership with various CEX, we offer the following benefits when listing with us:


  1. free consultation & guidance - we will help you to choose the most suitable exchange, will answer any questions regarding the listing, and will provide a support during the while process;

  2. secure & fast access to popular centralized exchanges - we will connect you with the verifiable exchange's team right after the best option is selected and you're ready to proceed; the listing process may start in the same day;

  3. exclusive offers - exclusively from our strategic partners, we've got the special terms and prices, lower than official;
  4. possibility of listing on multiple exchanges at once - we are one-stop solution for crypto projects and we are ready to list your token/coin on several exchanges one by one or simultaneously;
  5. direct contract with selected exchange with no intermediary fees - our service is free of charge, there is no any additional contracts and fees, only the official contract with selected exchange;
  6. free listing promotion from us after the successful deal with selected exchange - we will support your listing announcements in our Twitter and LinkedIn;
  7. professional customer service anytime - we are trying to answer our clients in a professional and timely manner and we will coordinate your listing process until the trading starts.


Do not miss a chance to experience all our benefits and contact us today!

Despite ANS.Agency is the one-stop listing solution, we don't help with listing on Coinmarketcap (CMC), Coingecko (CG) or any other token tracker.


The process is quite simple and it should be done by crypto project's representative directly on the corresponding website. According to CMC and CG, the listing is (and was) always free of charge but the project should fulfill all the listing criteria. Any third party who offers (a help with) the listing on CMC/CG is a scammer. For details, please refer to: and (question #9).


Please only contact us if you're looking for a listing on exchanges - we're always happy to help with a free consultation and guidance, providing the best terms and customer service.

If you are (were) already in touch with some exchange, unfortunately, we cannot help with the listing on that exchange anymore due to potential conflict of interest. ANS.Agency is the one-stop listing solution for crypto projects, and we encourage our clients to approach us in the first place to enjoy our benefits, including exclusive listing price.