Exchange Listing Services

ANS.Agency can:


  • Consult you regarding any aspects of standard listing or IEO

  • Help choosing the most suitable exchange for your 1st listing

  • Assist with and guide you through the listing process

  • Provide the best listing price with NO intermediary fees

  • Help with legal opinion development and MM services

We can help you to conduct an IEO on the following exchanges:


- BitForex

- Bitrue

- CatEx
- VinDax


  • The standard listing is included in the IEO package for the each exchange.

We can help you to list your token/coin on the following exchanges:

- Bibox
 - BitForex

- Bitrue


- CatEx

- DigiFinex

- HitBTC
 - Hotbit

- LBank

- Liquid


- VinDax

- WhiteBit




13 exchanges

Best price

We get exclusive discounts and offers directly from our exchange-partners.

No hidden fees

Our clients have a direct contract and pay directly to the selected exchange. There are no any intermediary/hidden fees from our side.

Only popular exchanges

We provide fast & secure access to the most popular CEX. We don't partner with unknown and shady exchanges.

Additional benefits

Our clients are also offered with better listing terms, a possibility to get listed on several exchanges at once, a legal opinion development, MM services, and finally the best customer service and support anytime during the listing process.